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The changing faces of Red Hook, as seen in maps from 1770 to the present


The face of Brooklyn changes almost every day. Come back a few months later, and everything has changed. Even as new buildings appear and disappear, or even the streets themselves, the land underneath tends to stay the same. This has not, however, always been true for Brooklyn’s shoreline. Here, the land itself can change. Nowhere …

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Here’s how Red Hook’s Fort Defiance changed the Revolutionary War

red-hook-brooklyn-fort-defiance-battle-of-brooklyn-history-4 (1)

Long before Red Hook got its name, when the Lenape people would fish near the entrance to what is now the East River, it was a marshy swamp. This area of what would some day become South Brooklyn looked more like the Mississippi Delta than the defined waterfront we see today. Old maps show all sorts of tidal …

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Spring comes to Red Hook


It’s been a long and hard winter for Red Hook Waterfront, but with the return of warmer weather, Red Hook is starting to bloom again, and you couldn’t ask for a better time to pay us a visit. The entire neighborhood is sweeping up, painting the stoop, and the kids are outside playing again. …

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The Red Hook Criterium + pouring rain = a day of epic bike and running races


On Saturday, March 29, some of the most dedicated cyclists and runners from Brooklyn and around the world gathered at Red Hook’s Brooklyn Cruise Terminal for a race like no other. Pouring rain didn’t stop these athletic, talented lunatics from running, or racing full-tilt on fixed-gear track bikes without brakes. The reason for this …

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 10, 2014 THE O’CONNELL ORGANIZATION DONATES TROLLEY CARS   BROOKLYN, NY, February 10, 2014 –  This past weekend O’Connell Organization donated three trolley cars which were located on the company’s property adjacent to Fairway Market for a number of years.  These trolley cars, along with a significant donation, were conveyed …

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How do I get to Red Hook?


We couldn’t be prouder of Red Hook at the O’Connell Organization, and we want everybody out there to come visit us. The first thing that our friends in Manhattan and Queens ask us when we invite them out is “How do I get there? Do I need to take that ferry to Ikea?”. The …

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The Red Hook, Merchant, and Beard and Robinson Stores

Red Hook Waterfront - 2

The Red Hook Stores – 480-500 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (GMAP) The 5-story Red Hook Stores, originally known as the New York Warehouse Co.’s Stores, was built by William Beard in the 1870s as part of the major expansion of storage and warehousing inside Erie Basin and along the Red Hook waterfront …

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Red Hook’s Erie Basin


The center of NY Harbor, during the days of break bulk shipping before and during the Second World War, Erie Basin was once the destination of most of the grains and cereals which the Midwestern United States sent eastward along the Erie Canal. A thriving maritime industry employed tens of thousands, and Red Hook …

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