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A Witness to the Evolution of Red Hook: 44-46 Beard Street

Sailors, food and art: All play a part in the story of 44-46 Beard Street, a utilitarian Italianate-style building overlooking the waterfront and Ikea. It was built as a storefront with residential space above sometime between 1880 and 1886. A lone survivor, and a witness to over 130 years of shipping and industrial history, …

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76 Van Dyke Street, one of Red Hook’s most important buildings

Officially, 76 Van Dyke Street is the Brooklyn Clay Retort and Fire Brick Works Storehouse. That’s quite a mouthful for this sprawling one-story building, beautifully constructed in rough-cut stone. Located near a slip on the Erie Basin, the storehouse is a lone survivor of the fire clay brick industry, once one of the most important …

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Fairway Market: Red Hook’s Favorite Destination

Fairway Market

Photo by Jennifer K. via Yelp When Manhattan’s favorite market Fairway announced that it would be opening a branch in Red Hook in 2006, food lovers from all over Brooklyn waited in anxious anticipation. The market would be housed in the Red Hook Stores, the largest of the brick storage warehouses built by Red Hook’s …

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The changing faces of Red Hook, as seen in maps from 1770 to the present

The face of Brooklyn changes almost every day. Come back a few months later, and everything has changed. Even as new buildings appear and disappear, or even the streets themselves, the land underneath tends to stay the same. This has not, however, always been true for Brooklyn’s shoreline. Here, the land itself can change. Nowhere …

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