Tenant Profile: Pickett Furniture

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by Redhook Waterfront
November 3, 2013
Category:   Tenants

Pickett Furniture Wood Cutting

There are certain arts, industries, and crafts whose practice and tradition stretches back into prehistory. Carpentry is one of them, and at the Merchant Stores Building on Van Dyke St. in Red Hook, Pickett Furniture carries on the ancient craft.

Pickett Furniture Wood Cutting Close up

Expert hands at work, visitors to the Pickett Furniture shop observe very modern equipment at work, with every tool and work station imaginable spread out across their enormous and well lit 12,000 square foot space.

Pickett Furniture Wood Cutting and Measuring

Exacting care is witnessed on the faces of those at work here, and the sort of artistic attention to detail that Red Hook waterfront businesses have become world famous for. Pickett is also home to a dozen other design companies that have their own private bench spaces and desk areas.

Pickett Furniture Wood Cutting Equipment

Within these walls, Pickett Furniture maintains a fully outfitted woodshop (complete with three tablesaws, two jointers, two bandsaws, two planers, drill press, widebelt sander, etc.). They also host two finishing rooms (one spray booth and one drying room with a down-draft floor system), a photo studio with a cyclorama, office space (with a working fireplace), a full kitchen, and a conference room.

Pickett was founded by carpenter Jeremy Pickett in 2009. Check out their Red Hook craftmanship at pickettfurniture.com.