Spring comes to Red Hook

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by Redhook Waterfront
April 29, 2014
Category:   Waterfront


It’s been a long and hard winter for Red Hook Waterfront, but with the return of warmer weather, Red Hook is starting to bloom again, and you couldn’t ask for a better time to pay us a visit.

The entire neighborhood is sweeping up, painting the stoop, and the kids are outside playing again.


Down by the Valentino Pier, Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies is serving up their sinfully good “swingles.” (That’s a personal Key Lime pie which is dipped in chocolate and frozen, by the way.) Everybody at The O’Connell Organization has to exhibit an extreme amount of will power when it comes to the subject of these treats, otherwise we’d eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Luckily, we don’t have to worry too much about our waistlines at the moment as we’re sprucing up The O’Connell properties as well.

Our founder, Greg O’Connell, recently said that he’s currently taking an inventory of plants and trees which have not recovered from the flooding of Hurricane Sandy, and he’s preparing to replace or replant them. This isn’t just where we work — we live here, and greening up the neighborhood is one of our goals.


The whole neighborhood is returning to life, and the vibrant colors of springtime are everywhere.

There’s a quality of light in Red Hook, particularly during this time of year, which is one of the big draws that has attracted so many artists and creative people to settle here.


Isn’t it time you came out and visited us? Check out the Red Hook Winery for adult fare, bring the kids to David Sharps’ Waterfront Museum, or visit BWAC‘s massive gallery space to feed your craving for the bleeding edge of creative expression.

It’s wonderful to be out in the sun again after these endless months of snow and single-digit temperatures, and the oceanic breezes coming off the harbor once again feel amazing.


If the cafeteria lunchroom at Fairway, in our Red Hook Stores building, is any indication, you’ll have lots of company when visiting Red Hook Waterfront. Don’t know how to get here? Check out this post for directions and routes. See you soon… Spring awaits!