A walk around Red Hook in 5 snapshots

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by Redhook Waterfront
May 28, 2014
Category:   outdoors


Red Hook is a funky neighborhood full of history, and a favorite place for photographers and artists to visit. Greg O’Connell Jr. sent our photographer, Mitch Waxman, out to snap some pictures on a beautiful Spring day.


Red Hook, as always, is a neighborhood in transition. Sometimes it seems as if you can see every decade of the last century in one block… or one house!


History in Red Hook isn’t just about buildings and piers. Sometimes you’ll spot a history lesson sitting in someone’s driveway.


Some classic cars in the neighborhood have fared much better. Like this classic Thunderbird parked on the street.


This summer, why not bring your camera down to Red Hook Waterfront and see what you can find? We’d love to see how Red Hook looks through your lens — just use the hashtag #redhookwaterfront.