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Red Hook’s Lidgerwood Complex and the Importance of Our Industrial History

Long before New York City’s groundbreaking Landmarks Law was passed in 1965, preservationists advocated all across the city for the protection of our historic structures. The passage of the law, which created the Landmarks Preservation Commission as a city department, made it possible to protect entire neighborhoods as well as individual buildings from the …

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Red Hook’s Visitation Church — 165 Years of Neighborhood Service

By Suzanne Spellen (aka Montrose Morris) Red Hook was a successful harbor town from its beginnings. By the 1850s, it had expanded greatly due to its proximity to Manhattan’s own shipping center as well as being the natural end of the Erie Canal. Boats and barges bringing goods and raw materials began docking in …

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The Story of Revere Sugar in Red Hook and the Rise and Fall of Big Sugar in Brooklyn

By Suzanne Spellen (aka Montrose Morris) Sugar was once one of Brooklyn’s biggest industries, and the Revere Sugar plant dominated the Red Hook waterfront for almost 100 years. New York City was once the sugar capital of the world. The ports and piers of New York, specifically those in Brooklyn, made this kingdom of …

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 10, 2014 THE O’CONNELL ORGANIZATION DONATES TROLLEY CARS   BROOKLYN, NY, February 10, 2014 –  This past weekend O’Connell Organization donated three trolley cars which were located on the company’s property adjacent to Fairway Market for a number of years.  These trolley cars, along with a significant donation, were conveyed …

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