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How did Red Hook and the Buttermilk Channel get their names?

Our neighborhoods all have interesting place names. The streets, thoroughfares and neighborhoods themselves are named for people, landmarks, or natural features that were a part of its history. So it stands to reason that Red Hook, with its storied past, would have some interesting street names. Red Hook The name “Red Hook” goes back …

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The History of King Cotton and the Red Hook Stores

A trip to the Red Hook Fairway may be your excuse to visit the iconic warehouses of Red Hook, but once you are here, stop for a moment and look around. You are looking at American and international history. It’s a story of how these Red Hook warehouses—or “stores,” as they used to be called—were the conduit …

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Red Hook’s Erie Basin

The center of NY Harbor, during the days of break bulk shipping before and during the Second World War, Erie Basin was once the destination of most of the grains and cereals which the Midwestern United States sent eastward along the Erie Canal. A thriving maritime industry employed tens of thousands, and Red Hook …

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