Tenant Profile: Mile End Delicatessen

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by Redhook Waterfront
November 3, 2013
Category:   Tenants

Mile End Delicatessen Interior 1

The back of house operations for Mile End Delicatessen is located at Red Hook’s Pier 41, at the Merchant Stores. With a team of over 60 talented men and women, Mile End creates and produces a wide variety of cured and smoked meats and fish, pickled goods, and freshly baked bagels, breads, rolls, and pastries along the historic Red Hook waterfront.

Mile End Delicatessen Interior 2


Mile End was conceived in the summer of 2009 by Noah Bernamoff, his wife, Rae, and close friend, Max Levine. Mile End Delicatessen opened January 2010, in a tiny converted garage in Brooklyn with the simple mission of producing and serving the Jewish comfort foods of Noah’s Montreal youth.

Mile End Delicatessen Meats

The smell encountered when entering their kitchen is intoxicating, a melody of pastrami spice and smoked cured meats. The enormous space their kitchen was offered by the O’Connell organization has allowed them to supply two delicatessen locations with product.

Mile End Delicatessen’s website can be found at mileenddeli.com.