Tenant Profile: Fleisher’s Grassfed and Organic Meats

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by Redhook Waterfront
November 3, 2013
Category:   Tenants

Fleisher's Grassfed and Organic Meats

At Pier 41 in Red Hook, Brooklyn, at the O’Connell Organization’s Merchant Stores building – Fleisher’s Grassfed and Organic Meats carries on a business started in 1901.

Wolf Fleisher came to America to ply his trade as a kosher butcher. His shop, Fleisher’s Meats, soon became a beloved fixture in his Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn neighborhood, known for high-quality beef and poultry. His sons, Joseph and Jack, followed in their father’s footsteps. It was only natural that Wolf’s grandson would work into the food trade.

Fleisher's Grassfed and Organic Meats 2

Fleisher’s Meats carries premium products from local farmers who have raised their animals on a primarily grass-based diet or organically-raised. These animals live natural stress-free lives and are not treated with antibiotics, hormones or fed animal-by-products and therefore produce healthy, great-tasting meat, milk and eggs. Fleisher’s considers itself a partner with farmers who share their standards and practices.



Fleisher’s is an old-fashioned butcher shop that carries ONLY pastured meats from animals raised on small, local, sustainable farms. These animals have never been given antibiotics or hormones and have a strictly vegetarian diet. They adhere to a “nose to tail” philosophy which dictates that no part of the animal be wasted.

Fleisher’s Grassfed and Organic Meats website is found at fleishers.com.