The Doors of Red Hook

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by redhookwaterfr
October 15, 2013
Category:   Photos

Iconic features at the Red Hook waterfront.

Red Hook Doors - 2

Iron door shutters are found on all of the O’Connell properties here in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Red Hook Doors - 6

The arched casements and doors are typical of the era in which these properties were built, just before and after the American Civil War in the 1860’s.

Red Hook Doors - 5

The arches provide strength, and allow for entranceways wide and tall enough for horse drawn wagons to have been backed up into them.

Red Hook Doors - 4

The iron doors were a necessity in the days before fire suppression systems, and would help to contain flames in case of an emergency until the bucket brigades of firefighters could form up.