Getaway Car

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by Redhook Waterfront
November 2, 2013
Category:   Photos

An unexpected find in the Liberty Warehouse.

Liberty Warehouse

If you spend enough time around New York Harbor and the older sections of Brooklyn, you’ll start to get a bit jaded by the historic tableau. The Merchant Stores building at Pier 41 was built in 1873 but she’s still got a lot of surprises. As the saying goes, “if walls could talk”.

Liberty Warehouse Signage

The Merchant Stores are actually two brick warehouses, a 3-story section to the west (or landward side) and a 2-story section to the east. The O’Connell Organization offices are based here, and hidden away in its recesses we have some marvelous treasures.

1929 Ford Model A

In the corner of a workshop space, this ancient Ford Automobile sits half restored. This car was found and lovingly worked on by a now retired O’Connell employee, who left it in our care.

It’s a 1929 Ford Model A, another piece of Red Hook’s past which we are preserving for the future.