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Red Hook in the Snow (Video)

Rich with industrial charm, waterfront views and quirky character, Red Hook was transformed for a few days by a whirling, blustering storm that blanketed the neighborhood with snow. The first substantial accumulation of the winter provided a perfect opportunity to hike through the slushy streets and capture the atmospheric scenes. Shop owners shovel their …

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Getaway Car

An unexpected find in the Liberty Warehouse. If you spend enough time around New York Harbor and the older sections of Brooklyn, you’ll start to get a bit jaded by the historic tableau. The Merchant Stores building at Pier 41 was built in 1873 but she’s still got a lot of surprises. As the …

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The Doors of Red Hook

Iconic features at the Red Hook waterfront. Iron door shutters are found on all of the O’Connell properties here in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The arched casements and doors are typical of the era in which these properties were built, just before and after the American Civil War in the 1860’s. The arches provide strength, …

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Windows of Red Hook

  When the O’Connell Organization first came to Red Hook, it set out to preserve and protect the history of the South Brooklyn waterfront.   Over the past 45 years, the organization has rehabilitated dozens of residential and commercial properties in the Red Hook, Columbia Street Waterfront, Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill areas of …

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